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can my school schedule get me terminated? California

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  • can my school schedule get me terminated? California

    I am a 24 yr college student working part-time for a legal attorney office as an Office Assistant for about 3 months now. When I was hired on they understood that I was a college student going to school and working at the same time, and it was clearly stated in my resume and repeated throughout my interview process. They claimed that they were okay with the fact that I went to school and up until this point have made accomodations with me if I needed to leave early due to an exam or other school function. They also stated that they would work with my school schedule if needed.

    When asked about my availability for the upcoming spring semester, I told them that my availability was going to change and that I could only work from 10-4:30pm Wednesday, Thurseday from 8:30-4pm, and Fridays after 10am (currently I work Wednesday through Friday from 8:30-4:45pm). I was very considerate of my work schedule when choosing my classes and was hoping they would work with me when it came to my availibility. That is not the case. My manager was upset that my avaibility was going to change next month in Janurary, has made repeated comments that she should not have hired a college student, and "the next person she hired would not go to school". She also has denied me of my raise that I was supposed to have received next week after my 90 day probation due to so-called issues that I have not even been notified of, either in written or in verbal form. She had also told another employee of mine who is higher up than me that she was going to replace me and notify me of my two weeks notice when the time came, for reasons I believe to suspect because of my school schedule.

    I feel that this is a discrimination against me just because I am a college student and my availibility does not quite meet her expectations, even though in my initial hire she stated she was fine with it. Since she has found out my problem with school, she has been nothing but rude and inconsiderate to me. She won't even admit she is trying to terminate me for reasons unclear to me. If I have not received any verbal or written warnings, can she terminate me because I go to school and my availibility is changing? Note: when I was hired on, I did not sign any documents stating my employment was at-will and they can terminate my employment at any time. Also, do I have a discrimination case here to protect myself or will I be able to claim unemployment compensation when the time comes?


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