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false accusation Michigan

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  • false accusation Michigan

    hello everyone .. i got multiple questions to ask and probably you can share me your knowledge, experience or suggestions.. i was working in a small company consisting of 200 workers including management. my first question is... Can employer had the ability to fire you from work without any reasons.. as they were stated on our last meeting. secondly, i was falsely accused by someone whom the manager hold the identity of the informat that i was planning to set up a workers union at work.. this cause me an emotional distress because the manager threaten me to better quit my job if im planning to set up that union as she said to one of the supervisor whom is very close to me unknowingly the manager was investigating me about it in which she conspired with that employee that doesn't like me .. the owner even talked to me about it.. and advised me to be careful of what im saying because a lot of people making it exaggerated. i been to the company 3yrs now and they said i will get a raised after my 90days.. but since i was hired they never give any salary raise, bonus or increase. they were doing these thing to every employee.. before i consult a lawyer about labor law violations or press charged the manager or the employee who try to wreck/destroy my reputation as a good employee.. by the way i was elected as employee of the year.

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    Intimidating, disciplining, threatening, firing, or treating an employee adversely because of his/her pro-union opinions or activities (whether real or imagined) is a violation of the Labor Relations Act. If you wish to pursue this, you may file a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (


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      I agree with Beth.

      It is a violation for the employer to threaten, disapline, harass and so on of an employee to form a Union. The NLRB can possible come down real hard on the employer/company. I highly encourge you to contact your local NLRB.
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        Beth3 and Margo are correct about the NLRB. Contact them ASAP.

        As to your other questions:

        First, Michigan is an at-will employment state, so yes, your employer can fire you for any reason they see fit (as long as it is not a protected reason such as race, gender, etc. or as retaliation for the suspected union activity). Just like you can quit for any reason or no reason.

        Second, unless you have a contract that guarantees you a raise after a certain period of time, they can choose not to give you a raise. Maybe they thought your performance didn't meet their expectations. I'm not saying that is what happened, just that that could be one of a hundred reason why you didn't get the raise. Unless you have evidence that you didn't get a raise because of a protected characteristic (race, gender, etc.) then you have no grounds for a lawsuit regarding the lack of a raise.


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