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Warning Given from Boss Maryland

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  • Warning Given from Boss Maryland

    I have a question dealing with a warning give to me today at work. I was rear ended in the parking lot of work two weeks ago by a co-worker. She didn’t have any of her information on her at the time. I told her to bring it in the next day at work. To make a long story short she refused to give me her information. I talked to my shift manager and he told me to call the police. So I did just that. The police made her give me her information. I called and made a clam that moment.

    A few days go by and she is being very nasty and hitting me with trays. We work at a bakery where we are always caring trays around. The next thing I know her boyfriend who also works there is doing the same thing. I had enough. I went to my **** manager and told him what was going on. I was told to tell the chef. The next day at work I did just that.

    So I go into work tonight and get pulled into the office. The chef had a letter for me to sign. The following is the letter:

    This is an official warning to MY NAME. Your recent actions on November 21 2007- Calling the police into the shop to deal with a personal issue you had with another employee while on company clock, disrupting the evenings schedule, and creating a hostile work environment for the other employee, GIRLS NAME and all other employees on the shift-were unacceptable. This letter serves as your official warning that if you are to behave in this manner again and/or create any further problems in the work place stemming from this incident, your employment will be terminated.

    I only did what my manager told me to do. Is the chef aloud to do this?
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    It sounds like you did this on company time? I agree that would have been inappropriate.

    However, if people are hitting you with trays, that is assault.
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      Yes, they are allowed to do this. It would have been more professional to contact the police off the clock. Other than the fact that you happen to work together, it really is a personal matter not an employment one.
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