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Breaking the law or just being cheap? California

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  • Breaking the law or just being cheap? California

    I work as a truck driver for a company in Southern Cal. Myself and five other drivers drive from Las Vegas to Ontario California and back bringing one load of beer back to Vegas each day. All five drivers live in Las Vegas. Yesterday the Ontario warehouse told us they had to do inventory the next day and that we could not come down to pick up our Thursdays loads. Each load picked up gets delivered the following day. They told us we had to deliver the loads we picked up yesterday today and that since we get paid by the mile and not by the hour we had to go deliver the loads today without pay. I live 40 miles from the warehouse in Las Vegas so this cost me not only time but gas money also.

    All six drivers worked about three hours today without any pay and was told we got paid for the mileage to get the load here the day before.

    The work we did today was driving to the warehouse in our own cars. Get into our work trucks, wait for the gats to open, then drive the trucks into the yard, back up to the docks and wait for the warehouse to unload each truck, then drive the trucks back outside the gate's and park them for the rest of the day.

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    If I understand you correctly, you normally drive to pick up the load on one day, and deliver it to the site the next, then that same day pick up another load which is then dropped off the following day, and the cycle repeats.

    How are you usually paid for the delivery time? Wouldn't this be an issue everyday?
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      Yes, you do understand me correctly. That is how it worked. It's not an issue everyday because if yesterday was a normal day I would have been paid that day for miles drivin to Ontario and back to Vegas. We get paid 43 cents a mile and we drive 475 miles a day. Because there was no load to go pick up there was no miles to be drivin but we still had to wake up and go deliver the loads we picked up the day before.

      The only reason this bothers me is because I live fifty miles from the warehouse. I worked three hours yesterday, and had to put gas in my personal car to get to the warehouse and back home again.


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        The part I'm not getting is how this works on any other day. Wouldn't you still have to drive 50 miles to the warehouse and spend 3 hours unloading any other day? The difference on this day is that you didn't then turn around and drive to Ontario as well. Are you only paid 43 cents a mile everyday? Is the time spent going to the warehouse and unloading not ever compensated? How long did you spend actually unloading the truck? How many hours a week/ day do you typically work? Is the 43 cents intended to cover gas and such or is that your salary alone?

        Commute time is not due, so the time you spent driving to and from the warehouse would not be owed.
        I post with the full knowledge and support of my employer, though the opinions rendered are my own and not necessarily representative of their position. In other words, I'm a free agent.


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          I see what you are saying. We do not ever get paid for time unloading. We get paid for the miles back and forth but not time loading or unloading. On most days this works out because we drive 470 miles so we are paid for the day. A typical day is about 10 to 12 hours total. On that one day we was not paid because there were no miles to be drivin.

          I know the company is not to blame for how far I live from work. Something about that day just did'nt sit right with me. On a typical day we spend about an hour unloading, some days two. On this day it took three because one of the forklift drivers called in sick.


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