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HELP??? California

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  • HELP??? California

    ok now i need some help here. i am a shift lead at my current disturbution center. i get pay by the hr. but due to my 2nd job i have to leave when i hit my 8hrs in order to get to my other job. It was always ok by my previous supervisors, operations manger and G. manager for me to leave inorder to get to my other job for 2years now. even if my crew had to stay over time to finished up. but just recently all of my old team management left and i got new ones. they did not like the thought of me leaving because my shift was still there. I was just recently pulled into the office with my new supervisor and op manager and they told me that im a leader of my shift and if i cant stay over time to help finish up i will get demoted. they told me i set a very bad example of a leader for there company. they gave me a 5 day period to make myself be able to stay over time or i will be demoted and take a pay cut. well i told them about my reason and try my very best to tell them that its a juggle between my other job. and i might loose my 2nd job. there reply is that they will not make any possible acomidations for me to get to my other job and i will stay from start to finish. "unless" my operations manager told me. "the only way for them to acomidate me for my other job is if i demote myself".... is this freakin wrong??? sounds like there trying to find a legit way for me to get out of my position. so they can get a whole new team. but i told them that im going to put a request for leaving in my traditional 8hr a day. if they deny me for any reason wite it down sign it and give it back to me. just for my record. they looked pissed when i said that i hope they dont retaliate on me. I asked them if it was legal for them to juggle my life like that and they said yes. they researched it before they call me in.. dang wat the hell did i do to them. i just need to get to my 2nd job and pay my bills. they even compaired themselves to me saying they dont do that. I told them i dont make over 60k there like them so ofcourse i need a 2nd job to pay for my bills.
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    Just because a previous employer allowed you to leave smack on the dot of 8 hours doesn't mean they are obligated to allow it forever. If that no longer works for your employer and if all other employees have to work overtime, then they can require that you stay too and discipline or fire you if you refuse. Your second job is not their concern.

    You can put in as many requests as you like but they have no legal obligation to comply and demoting you, or even firing you, would not be illegal retaliation.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      They have to go by what is best for them/what works for them. They don't have to adjust things due to your 2nd job - your 2nd job is not their worry. That is just the way it is. You have to do as requested or you can be disciplined up to and including being fired.
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        Sounds to me like you've been a benificiary of special treatment by your past mgt. What if all the workers on your team had to leave at 8hr mark because they wanted to make more money also? The job wouldn't get done!

        The solution is simple, choose the most important of the two jobs and find another second income. If you choose the one your a team leader on, make sure you kiss your new mgt.'s butt, apologize for your actions, and tell them you can be depended to lead the team.


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