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Screwed by employer. Do I have any recourse? California

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  • Screwed by employer. Do I have any recourse? California

    I relocated from florida about six months ago to manage a solar energy co. My salary was to be $6,000 per month and my relocation expenses were to be paid.
    As soon as i started receiving checks, my employer started deducting money for "the money he gave me to move out here" That was supposed to be paid by him as negotiated before i relocated. I have also found out that the company i was working for had no workers' comp. and in solar you spend a lot of time on roofs and using heavy equipment. I sure he is doing illegal things as his entire staff are illegal immigrants. I am still owed $2500 in back pay from the month of october and he refuses to pay. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks

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    WC is not my area of expertise, and I will not address that issue.

    Regarding the other issues, your options are basically filing a wage claim with CA-DLSE and going to court. CA has pretty tought rules on deductions, and if you have no actual agreement authorizing the deductions, you should be in pretty good shape. If your salary is hard documented, you should be in pretty good shape on that also. The "softer" your documentation the more reason you have to talk face to face with a local attorney.

    There is no sure thing with any wage claim or court action. The other side gets to try and make their case, and judges some times make creative decisions.

    Past that, the only cure for a bad employer is to get another job with a different employer.
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