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    Few things.... and hopefully this question is not a repeat!!!

    I work as a OTR CDL B Driver. I get payed by the mile! My HR tells me that be-ins I work three days a week that I'm considered a part time employee because I don't put in more then 30hrs a week???? Hm mm I didn't know that you had to put in a certain hr for a mileage pay to be a part time or full time employee??? The driver before me for two years did not have to do this. Help please!!

    Also my Boss and I have had a face to face confrontation almost a year ago ( no hand to hand, just verbal threats from him, that we can take this out to the parking lot and invading my space with no where to go ) this came up because he said that me and a former employee was d***ing around, and I stood up for me and my partner stating that we wasn't d***ing around that we had to fix several vehicles and that we had a long drive.... well he apologized and said that he didn't know we had to go to this location! But all that said was done! I didn't go to anyone higher up because this is my best friends dad and its a small Co. with a lot of members related to each other there and I didn't think that it would have helped but make it worse on me! Well I think its going to happen again tomorrow! I tried to call him to let him know that if he needed me to come in on my day off to make up these hrs that I have to do to keep my full time stats, that I couldn't due Tuesday due to my kids being home for election day! he said that he received no calls from me and that I was being wrote up for no call no show... and I said what ever (Boss name) he said what? I said what ever... he said I want you in my office after you get back from your route and you better be there promptly!!.................. What do I do?

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    First question. I'm already confused. What does whether you are classified as full-time or part-time have to do with your pay? Generally speaking, full-time or part-time has meaning only as relates to eligibility for insurance or other benefits.

    Second issue. You show up in his office as requested or you risk being fired. The employer is not required by any law to take your child care issues into consideration.
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      If you should have come in on Tuesday and did not, you can be termed for it. The fact that you had to take care of your children doesn't count.
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        Your employer makes the rules/requirements - they have to be followed or you can be fired.
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