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Minimum Hours between shifts Idaho

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    OK, fine, do what you want. I'm just trying to tell you that you are confusing apples and oranges when you try to use that FLSA regulation as a prohibition against requiring shifts with less than 8 hours between them. That's just not what that regulation is addressing.

    I will say that, if you are in that many states, you really should subscribe to one of the Employment Law reference sources that include all states. Would save you a lot of time just on this issue alone.

    And now I'm done, too.
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      All of the above seems to highlight several common labor law problems.
      - Large population states like California tend to have much better available information then small population states such as Idaho. CA has their law (labor code), regulations (industry specific wage orders), opinon letters, frequently ask questions webpages and their Enforcement manual all online and readily available. There are also a lot more people who are familar with CA rules available then there are for a state like Idaho. Arguably, it is much harder to get good information about the labor laws for a state such as Idaho then it is for a state such as California.
      - The other problem is misinformation. Most labor laws have been around for a long time and the rules associated with the laws have mostly sorted themselves out over the years. Most answers are generally spelled out somewhere. It is hard to say that (for example) an "8 hour between shifts" rule does not exist, but if such a rule does exist, it should be online somewhere. And if we read the rule, we should be able to verify that it actually says what people think it says. Proving a "negative" is logically impossible, but confirming a postive should be pretty straightforward, as long as a hard source can be cited.

      At the end of the day, it does not matter what we know or what we think or what we think we know, it matters what we can support.
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        I think OP's idea of providing 8 hours minimum sleep time and drive time is a humane and thoughtful policy. On that, I commend you.

        It doesn't seem to be required by law, but there is no reason not to implement it. We have all read quite a few posts by employees who wish they could get enough hours between shifts to rest.


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          Exactly DAW

          I agree, and again I am just gonna play it safe and cover things until I get it in writing and documented source. I miss CA for that one reason you and surf anything and find the right source....ID is about 10 years behind in its technology....but oh well. Thanks for your even handedness I got caught up in trying to defend myself and CA...when in reality all I ever wanted was an answer and a source to look up. Whew...I am tired now from all this bickering but thank you for setting me straight, regardless I will just over compensate to cover myself, better safe then sorry. Plus I wouldn't want to schedule some on on Fri till 11-1130p and then on Sat at 6am based upon someone else's opinion that no laws exsist. Thank you!!!!


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