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Not getting pain in a timely fasion after you quit Iowa

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  • Not getting pain in a timely fasion after you quit Iowa

    > I quit working at a call center on Friday 10/19. I was told I would be
    > paid on Friday 10/26 at 10pm via a deposit to a "Money Network" pay card
    > which was issued to me by Kyle at the employment agency. I did not get
    > paid that day.
    > My cell phone service was interrupted because I did not get paid when they
    > said I would and I had to wait over the weekend to contact the agency
    > again.
    > I am new to the area and am expecting calls from other employers where I
    > have applied. I had to borrow money to get my phone turned back on so that
    > I wont miss these important calls. I also had a family member call my
    > phone while its service was suspended. This was very embarrassing to me
    > not only because my phone was shut off but also because I had to borrow
    > money to get it back on.
    > I called the employment agency on Monday morning to resolve the issue and
    > was told by Kyle the funds would be deposited into my "Money Network" pay
    > card at 10 pm Monday evening. Again the funds were not deposited! I had to
    > tell the person that loaned me the money I could not pay them back yet.
    > Tuesday morning I contacted the agency again to resolve the issue. I was
    > told by a supervisor (Jan) someone would call me back that day before 5pm.
    > No one called. At 4:57 I called them. They told me to call a supervisor at
    > the location where I worked (Crystal) so I did. I was put on hold for 30
    > minutes (on my cell phone) and eventually hung up. I called back and
    > Crystal told me she was having phone problems and laughed at me. Crystal
    > told me that Kyle who issued the "Money Network" pay card failed to submit
    > my hours and that it was an honest mistake. Why was it not corrected when
    > I spoke to Kyle Monday?
    > Crystal told me I will be paid tomorrow, Wed 10/31 at 10 pm. This ruins my
    > Halloween plans, my cell phone service is again subject to interruption
    > and will not be able to pay the person back until Thursday 11/1 assuming I
    > finally get paid.
    > In my home state CA if you quit or are terminated the employer has 3 days
    > to pay you in full for hours worked. I quit this job Friday 10/19 and am
    > now told by the employment agency I will get paid Wed 10/31. Thats 5 days
    > after their pay date and 12 days from the day I quit!
    > I have been put through an extremely embarrassing and stressful situation
    > and its not right what they are doing to me. I am not confident I will be
    > paid 10/31 and have no faith in what the people at this agency are telling
    > me.
    > Do I have any legal recourse or is their any action I can take against
    > this employment agency?
    > What happens if I don't get paid 10/31?
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    Iowa: final paycheck - If employee is fired: next scheduled payday.

    If employee quits: next scheduled payday. (Iowa Code Ann. ยง 91A.4.)

    If you don't get your paycheck by tomorrow (10-31), put in a claim with your state's DOL.
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