I need some advice, please!
I am currently in the process of taking my former employer to small claims court for nonpayment of final paycheck... I gave 2 weeks notice due to hostile work environment. He did not want me to work out my notice and insinuated I stole the appointment book from the spa and he refused to pay me until it was returned. I did not take the book and informed him repeatedly. So off to court we go...
I have since found out he is slandering my reputation with former clients telling them he fired me due to inadequate work performance.

1. Should I add 'slander' to my claim in court? (this customer is willing to go to court for me)
2. Do courts often award 'damages' on claims such as this?
3. My prior boss also switched me from hourly to salary based on hours I worked as he saw fit, should I mention this in court?
4. He also never paid overtime, is this something I can try to get him to pay?

Thanks in advance!