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NOT PAID Kentucky

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  • NOT PAID Kentucky

    I recently left a job at a mortgage company that my employer still owed me money for some items that I purchased. Also upon giving my notice he told me that he would pay me if any of my loans closed. Which they did close and I still have not got any money. Is there anything that I can do? I have emails that say he will pay me for both.
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    This is two separate unrelated issues:
    - Expense reimbursement is a labor law issue in California only. In the other 49 states the only legal recourse is through regular or small claim courts.
    - Assuming you are legally an employee who is paid wages with taxes withheld and receive a W2 at year end (sorry if this sounds obvious, but this is not true for all workers who process mortgages), then basically you are saying that you have a potential wage claim against your former employer. I know zip about your state, and different states can have very different rules on commissions (assuming that is what you meant by "loan"), but the general rule of thumb is that would file a wage claim with your state's DOL. Perhaps another responder who knows more about your state can amplify.
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