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Disciplined Twice for Same Infraction

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  • Disciplined Twice for Same Infraction

    Many issues lately, but the most current is being disciplined twice for the same infraction.

    One week ago, I was written up the day I was 3 minutes late to work, after having been 1 minute late on several occassions. Yes, I understand the importance of timeliness, but it had never been a major issue before the new team of management, as my job is project based and I always made up the minutes at the end of the day. Anyway, I understand the being written up part by new management who had new and different expectations, but the other day (exactly a week later) when I had walked into a meeting expecting my Annual Review, I was instead greeted with a Performance Improvement Plan of sorts...60 days to determine my employment status. I cannot arrive late, I cannot leave late, I must work a minimum of 40 hours and I cannot speak to coworkers about personal or work related issues.

    I worry that this is probably just to serve as the necessary paper trail to get rid of me since there had been no infraction from the first write up till the second.

    Is this a typical disciplinary action?

    By the way, aside from the lateness thing, which I had every intention of correcting, I have always been a great employee who loved my work. Loyal, talented, hard working, cooperative, creative and dedicated. My spirits are quickly sinking. Please help me make sense of this.
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    Graphic Design.


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      Thanks Joe. Some designers do freelance. I, however, work for a hospitality company as their sole local designer, outside of the corporate location.


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        I don't know how typical it is, but it's not illegal. Sounds like we have a real case of micromanaging here. Unfortunately, when new management comes in, they often try to flex their muscles immediately and it definitely can make things uncomfortable.
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          Thanks Patty. It's pretty obvious they don't want me there. It has me spinning into a deep, dark depression. I am absolutely sickened (literally) over what is happening. Design jobs are few and far between here. I'm a single mom who NEEDS my job. And, I feel like I am being forced to have to quit in order to try to save my sanity. It just doesn't seem right to me....none of it!


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            Possibly. Just feeling a bit deflated both personally and professionally after all of this. Not sure what is possible for someone who has become pretty much just a shell of a human being.


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