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Travel Time Georgia

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  • Travel Time Georgia

    Right now our employees are coming to the shop, clocking in and going to the jobsite in company trucks. Starting next week, the employees can go directly to the job without coming to the shop first.

    My question: if an employee chooses to come to the shop and goes to the jobsite in a company truck and he clocks in when he gets to the shop, do I pay him the drive time to the jobsite, or pay him when he gets to the job? He hasn't done any work, he is just getting a ride to the job so he doesn't have to use his own gas or wear and tear on his own car.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    Since it is the employee's option to come into the shop first (you aren't requiring it), my understanding is no, that would not be compensable time.

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      Agreed. I do not like the "clocking" part of things however. Non-Exempt employees are paid based on actual hours worked. I do not see the point of using a central office "clock" to track work being done somewhere else. I do not see the point of even allowing employees to come to the central office to clock in. It makes more sense (IMO) to have the employees maintain and submit a paper time sheet. If they lie about their time, they can be legally disiplined including termination. A "clock" that everyone knows is wrong is worse legally then no time record at all, because if there are no time records, then those missing time records cannot be presented in court. An employer having to explain to a judge why they (the employer) is not competent to maintain an accurate set of time records but why the judge should still take the employer's word for hours worked is not a conversation that I would look forward to.
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        Thank you Patty & DAW! This really helps for the meeting we are having this morning. Have a great day.


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          Since most of the employees ride in the trucks because they choose to, if they are in an accident, they wouldn't be covered under Worker's Comp, correct? The auto insurance would cover them since they weren't on the clock. Am I understanding this correctly?



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            "On the clock" doesn't mean much for this purpose. What is "compensable time" is not necessarily the same as what is "covered" for WC purposes. Contact your carrier.
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              Personally, I wouldn't let off duty employees just ride along in company vehicles off the clock. That just isn't a good practice to get into. If employees want to arrange carpools in their personal vehicles on their own, that is different.
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