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Question on pay Illinois

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  • Question on pay Illinois

    I work for a small company (20 employees, only one location) and our owner regularly does not pay us on time. We are on a weekly pay schedule and at times it will take him 2 - 3 three weeks to pay us for one week. The most we have ever been behind is seven weeks of pay. Are there any laws in place for compensation of interest or fees which may occur from not been paid on time?

    I already know I should just find another job but I have been here for over five years and it is hard to change...

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    To my knowledge, Illinois does not have any fines or penalties for late issuance of pay that would be payable to the employee, although the company might be fined.

    If you are currently experiencing late payment, you can file a claim for unpaid/late wage payments with the state Dept. of Labor. However if, at this time, everything is caught up, the DOL will put your claim at the bottom of the priority stack; their first priority is getting people paid who haven't been paid at all.

    And, if I may, I'd certainly be looking for another job with a company that is more financially stable. In the interim, the next time checks are not issued on payday, file the wage claim immediately.
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      Thanks for your help!


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        Originally posted by tsandel View Post
        The most we have ever been behind is seven weeks of pay.
        Seven weeks?!?!

        Seriously, the FIRST thing we do is make payroll, on time, every time.

        Other payments come later.

        Find a new job.

        When you have it, if your pay is not current, file a complaint with the State or Federal Department of Labor (or state equivalent). That company could use a complete audit of payroll practices.
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