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Payroll Records Question? California

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  • Payroll Records Question? California

    How long is an employer required to hold payroll records??
    I think its 3 years but want to make sure.

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    You have it correctly.

    The US Department of Labor can go back three years on audits, so you need the appropriate documentation for them to go back that far.
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      It sort of depends on which payroll records you are talking about. IRS requires tax returns (W2, 940, 941, deposits) plus supporting documents to be kept at least 4 years after the tax return was filed. If by "payroll" you include documents more traditionally associated with HR, it gets really interesting. ERISA documents (deferred comp, pension) have a 7 year retention requirement. I-9 documents are kept until (I think) 18 months after termination. States can have longer then federal requirements, although I am pretty sure that is not true for CA.
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        I-9 documents must be retained for the duration of employment then the latter of 3 years from the date of hire or 1 year after the date of termination.
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