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Need Help hostile environment? Florida

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  • Need Help hostile environment? Florida

    I was an admin assist for a govt position and i was offered an executive assistant job with a top agent at a realestate firm. Everything was fine and going well as his assistant i was organizing things and getting his affairs in order. I couldn't have been doing poorly as nothing was ever brought to my attention and i was frequently praised in my short time.
    I informed him that i would prefer not to be touched as i did not like him rubbing my back while at work. Things were fine for a day and then my boss went on a trip leaving me the business cell to keep things in line. He called me several times drunk saying derogatory things such as you are a moron, and ignorant as well as commenting on how i am stupid. All of this was due to the fact that my boyfriend is brazilian and he is mexican. He said things how my boyfriend is dirty, and "they" cant keep it in their pants and several more things I cant repeat.
    I need this job and if i knew he was like this I wouldnt have taken it and left my older position. However with me being a personal assistant paid on a 1099 basis is there anything i can do other then quit and cut my loses? He works for a large real estate firm but he pays me with personal checks.
    He threatened my job several times during the calls saying how he "doesnt think we can work together" with me dating "that man".
    I wont post the calls as they were too vulgar however i'm torn apart over this. I have proof as he left messages saying several of the things to me on my private cell as well as the business phone. I recorded the ones from the business cell.

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    You need to report this through the proper channels. Companies must have a published policy that explains how to report sexual harrassment, if you are an employee. Or does he own the company?

    You talk about being his "personal assistant". You very well may have been misclassified as a non-employee (independent contractor).

    OTOH, I'd be getting the heck outta there as fast as my little feet could carry me.
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      He works for the company. I work for him, i have no direct affiliation with the company. The paper work that i signed was completely from him and generated by him. It is entirely possible that I am being listed as an independent contractor. Does that mean that i dont have any rights other then to quit in this situation?


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        Although I know some about HWE, I'm by no means an expert. Hang on for further responses, OK?

        Having said that, it seems that there was a reason for that "great salary".
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