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No Holiday Pay! Texas

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  • No Holiday Pay! Texas

    I am extremely frustrated and need some help. I am a full time employee with benefits and, paid holiday, vac, etc. Our store was closed Monday for Labor Day and it was a paid holiday for me. I just so happen to come down with strep throat Sunday the day before. So naturally I was off Monday, no big deal and Tuesday I wake up to go to work and feel terrible, so I call in sick. Me thinking it's going to pass that day, I don't bother to go to the doctor, so Wed. comes around, I feel like crap still, I call in. i decide to go to the doctor that day, he gives me an excuse for wed and thur. So i go back to work friday and find out that I would receive pay for wed and thurs. but not for tuesday? which i was somewhat ok with since i didnt see the doc til wed. But then they tell me that they are taking away my holiday pay for that past monday. When i questioned them about it, they said they have a policy stating if you call in the day before or after a holiday, you wont get paid for that holiday????? I'm totally confused and angry!!
    I asked them for something in writing (as i never recvd and employee handbook) and they convienantly could not produce anything.... So, Is this normal practice? should i let this go or pursue this further?? any help please!!

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    Originally posted by archdandy21 View Post
    Is this normal practice?
    It is common for companies to not pay holiday if the employee misses scheduled work the day before or the day after.

    This practice exists because some employees would otherwise use sick time to create four day weekends.
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      Are we talking about an Exempt or Non-Exempt employee? There are docking restrictions on Exempt Salaried employees only which would make this type of practice legally problematic. Such a practice would be both legal and common for Non-Exempt employees.
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        Very normal for Non-Exempt employees, our policy here goes as far to state that you must work your entire normally scheduled shift the day before and the day after a holiday to be eligible for the holiday pay.
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