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Is this legal??? Pennsylvania

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  • Is this legal??? Pennsylvania

    My husband works 60 hours a week. He gets paid $9.25 for 16 of them hours and $5.00 the rest of the hours he works. If he happens to take off a hour or two his boss take out the $9.25. Even if he works all the 16 hours plus. His boss has not paid him over $300.00 a week over a year now. Its been under $250.00 he also doesn't take out taxes. So we have to pay our taxes every year also. His boss is black mailing him, because he gives him loans and he lets him drive with a license plate thats a dealer one. Is this legal ???? Thanks Chasity

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    So, for your husband's $300 a week, he is paying the 15.x% self employement tax on top of everything else?

    There are a lot of details missing, but none of this really sounds like a win-win situation for your husband...

    You can contact the State department of labor and report the issue, but if there are illegal tax and minimum wage issues, your husband may end up losing that job.

    I would suggest looking for a better job anyway.


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      Just for curiosity's sake, what type of business is this, and what does he do there?
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        Originally posted by Pattymd View Post
        Just for curiosity's sake, what type of business is this, and what does he do there?
        Since the OP's husband drives a car with dealer plates, I suspect it is an automobile dealership.

        Their weird exemptions from FLSA may apply.

        Clearly, given 60 hours a week, the pay of $300 (presumably gross) is below minimum wage, if overtime applies. (heck, 60 hours times federal minimum wage is $351, without counting overtime).
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