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previous employer giving me a bad refference, help!!!!! New Jersey

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  • previous employer giving me a bad refference, help!!!!! New Jersey

    I was terminated from my job because my boss saw my resume on I was awarded unemployment and it's about to run out. I have been looking for work and interviewd with three employers and I even took a drug test for one and they told me the position was put on hold. I had a funny feeling my old boss was saying something bad that would make these employers not hire me. I asked my friend to call and ask for a refference and when she did they verified the dates and when she asked for a charachter refference she said legally she can't but she said "All I can tell you is that I would definaltey not hire me back" This is the office manager that said that, she's not even the boss that makes hiring decesions. I called the departmnt of labor and they said they don't get into this matter, but the DOL said I should seek legal council. Has anybody ever had experience with this? ANy advice, I'm really upset because they know I have children and they don't realize that not having a job just doesn't effect me.

    Thank you for any advice
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    So, they wouldn't hire you back. Okay. That is a true statement.

    The office manager is not saying anything defamatory about you. (S)he is not saying anything about you that is untrue. Technically, she is not saying anything negative about you.

    The next time you are job hunting and put your resume on line, use the privacy option to keep the info. from getting to people that you prefer not see it and know what you are doing.

    It's not your former employer's responsibility or concern to make sure you get a new job.
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      The office manager is just making a statement of fact, which is that they would not hire you back. You're free to consult with an attorney of course but I don't see anything that's actionable here.


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        when she asked for a charachter refference she said legally she can't
        That's not true. It may be company policy, but it's not law.
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          The key to combatting a less than stellar reference is to alert the potential employer ahead of time. If you portray your tenure as sunshine and roses and the reference brings up thorns, it makes me wonder if you are clueless, naive or lying. None of those are qualities I'm looking for. It isn't illegal for your employer to share their opinion but now that you know the past employer is going to give the bare minimum and indicate you are not eligible for rehire, be upfront about it. Let the potential employer know why you were let go and that they will not hire you back but here are the names and numbers of several colleagues/managers/ clients/ subordinates who can give you a better idea of my abilities and assessment of my character.
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