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start time Alabama

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  • start time Alabama

    I work for a service company based in another state (MN). I have a company work truck I have to drive to and from jobs in various locations. My pay does not start until I get to the first job and leave the last job. Company policy is very clear that I not stop to "shop" to or from in the vehicle. I have repair parts shipped to my home almost daily in which have to be put in the truck. When does the work day really begin ?

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    How long does it take you to load the items into the truck? Is this daily? Is the truck kept at your home and used to commute to and from the jobsites or do you go to another location to pick up the truck?
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      putting parts on the truck is almost a daily occurance. the time to put the parts varies depending on how many and how large sometimes 5 min to as much as 20min. the truck is kept at my house and is used only to travel from one job site to another. there is no local office.
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        Putting parts on the truck is compensable time. However, time can be rounded to as much as the nearest quarter-hour, as long as the rounding is done consistently, no matter to whose benefit the rounding accrues.

        The commute from your home to your first job site of the day and from your last job site of the day to your home is, generally speaking, not compensable.
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          I have a company use only computer in the truck and have been instructed to store it in my home when not in use. I have to take it out and put it in daily. Also I have to complete a daily before and after inspection of the truck.


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            I think I already said that was compensable. Anything you do with the truck that is required to make it ready and available for work travel is compensable.
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              I believe Jon64 is trying to find out is if the travel time from home to first job site and the travel time from last job site to home are compensable hrs, since he started working loading equipment at home prior to the start of driving and he has to unload the computer and to complete the before and after driving inspection of the truck on a daily basis.

              If that is the question, I think all driving time to and from home is considered as hrs worked. He has already begun working at home thru loading and checking the truck before driving in the morning. The time that it takes, is not relevant. The same is applicable at the end of the day, the offloading of the PC and truck maintenance.

              I essence his home is his first job site and his last job site every day. The employer is imposing the requirements which are part of his job and or principal activity. Without loading the equipment he will not be able to perform his duties, the maintenance of the truck in the am/pm are also a requirement from the employer.

              IMHO I think all hrs are compensable from the loading & checking the truck in the am to the off loading the PC and checking the truck in the pm.

              Jon64 should check with the local US DOL-Wage Hour Div to get a final response to his inquiries.
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