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Unemployment in CT Connecticut

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  • Unemployment in CT Connecticut

    I need advice...

    I was fired from my job for "not following proper procedure". I was not the only person that did not follow proper procedure...however I was the only one to get fired. I also received a severance package that is for 6 months about.

    Some people have told me I should file for unemployment too. I am not sure if I would receive unemployment 1. b/c I was fired and 2. b/c I received a severance package. Is it worth trying or do those 2 things hold me back from receiving anything?

    Also in the state of CT I found out that their is a hearing. Has anyone had to do this before? Is sounds kind of scary! I don;t want to be faced with my old employer in person or on the phone, would that happen? Also hpw can my old employer stop me from receiving?

    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks a bunch!

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    You can always apply. The state will make a determination if you are eligible based on your termination. However, if granted, it would be offset by your severence.
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      The only time there is a hearing is if the state has a question regarding whether you should receive benefits or not. If you haven't even applied yet, you're worrying prematurely. You must report the severance, however. It may make a difference as to whether you'll be receiving it in a lump sum, or spread out over the six months on the normal pay frequency.
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        Thanks for the replies I did apply and am waiting for paper work that I will need to fill out. I was debating whether to go forward with it or not. The guy I spoke to at unemployment did say mine would go to a hearing. I was very honest about the severance pay and gave them the exact amount.

        Just to give you some details...I believe that my old company gave me severance b/c they knew they were wrong in firing me and not the other people involved. But they can also keep me from getting unemployment too. I am nervous about a hearing, has anyone ever had one? What can I expect?


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          Your employer can contest unemployment. They cannot singlehandedly "stop you" from getting it. The state, and only the state, makes the decision as who does and does not get benefits. NEVER does the employer make that decision.

          A termination can be unfair without being illegal.
          The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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            If the determination by the unemployment commission seems unfair to you, you have recourse through the Appeals Tribunal (at least in my state). In the past, two determinations were “reversed” after I had petitioned----in fact, the employers had failed to show (then the decision is based primarily on your sworn testimony). The case officer, both times, seemed to be partial to me and had allowed plenty of time for me to think out my answers ( be honest, but say nothing more than what is needed). Nothing to it. You don’t go to jail if you loose.


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