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Help fighting unemployment reversal

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  • Help fighting unemployment reversal

    I quit my job after weeks of abuse and putting up with my supervisor talking about me to other people in my store.(I am now told this is heresay) I applied for unemployment and got it. The store appealed and I was totally unprepared for what they did at the phone conference. Needless to say my unemployment was revoked and they want me to pay back over 3000. I have sent a letter of appeal but I really am not sure what I should do to convince unemployment that I really had no choice but to leave. Does anyone know what to do or where to go for help???

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    It is very difficult to get UCin this case. Typically you have to prove that the conditions were so unbearable there was no other option but to leave and that you made every effort to resolve the situation with your employer first. A gossiping supervisor is not going to cut it.
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      I guess I made it seem simple when I wrote the first thread. I tried to leave my position and take others in the store but my supervisor blocked my way. I was (am) pregnant and I told her I could do full work loads (lifting 50lb bags of sugar and flour) I also said I was concerned after having a miscarriage just a few months before about the mold that grows in the kitchen where I work. The response was that until I came in with a Drs. note stating that I was pregnant she didn't care what I said I was to continue the heavy lifting and to just shut my mouth about the conditions in the kitchen and what was I going to do quit (she knew money at home is tight and I needed to work). Everytime I went above her head to higher ups it would appear things were ok and as soon as it was just me and her she would scream and demean me and then pile even more work on me. She lied about the agreement she had with me about scheduling and then wrote me up. I would have accepted it but I did have a verbal agreement about my start time. There is more but it would take up too much space. I feel justified in quitting and am more concerned about having to pay back the unemployment that I did recieve.


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        Did you bring in a note from your doctor that stated you could not perform certain duties?

        UC isn't granted just because you had a good reason to quit. It is only granted when you lost your job through no fault of your own. If everyone eho worked in an unpleasat environment could quit and collect UC, there would be a lot more people on it. In the rare case that your employment was so horrendous that no reasonable person had any choice but to quit immediately, benefits may be granted. Expecting you to do your job unless you have a doctor's note stating you cannot, getting upset with you for going over the manager's head, and changing the schedule against your agreement are not the types of behaviors that typically render the employment so unbearable that quitting is the only option.

        You can certainly appeal as is your right. It can't hurt. I'm just explaining why yours was most likely denied.
        I post with the full knowledge and support of my employer, though the opinions rendered are my own and not necessarily representative of their position. In other words, I'm a free agent.


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