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Trave Time Georgia

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  • Trave Time Georgia


    I do payroll for my company and I want to make sure the guys are getting paid correctly.


    We have 3 crews (each crew in their own truck) driving 3.5 hours to get to the jobsite (sometimes they spend the night and sometimes they drive back home the same day). Everyone meets at the shop and parks their cars, then they clock in and drive to the jobsite in company trucks. If they drive back the same day, they clock out at the shop. If they spend the night (or several nights), I will adjust their time to show what time the supervisor said they started and ended for the day.

    My boss says that we will pay them for their drive time to go to the job. However, when they get drive back to the shop, only the driver is paid until he clocks out. Everyone else's time is to be adjusted and 3.5 hours are deducted from their time for that day.

    My question is: are the employees who are not driving supposed to be paid for this drive time back to the shop?

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    Didn't we just answer this in the GA forum?
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      Sorry. I didn't know where else to look.


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        All the responders read all the employment law forums. There's really no need to post more than once.
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