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Minimum hours scheduled for Full time employee? Florida

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  • Minimum hours scheduled for Full time employee? Florida

    I have worked at a fine dining est. since Nov. of 06. I had some issues with the head chef (he was shaving hours off ppls checks @ the end ofthe workweek, and most of us didnt know because we dont get paper stubs n most of them didnt have internet access and never knew the wiser)so I was transferred to another new opening....An hour away. Now the new chef (whom I worked for since march) has widdled my hours down from 40 to 4 a week (one half day) and he had originally said the reason was because the new hire could get the same work done in half the time, and less days a week. Then later he said the new reason was because he didnt see where my head was and if I was seriously dedicated to the company. Now from my perspctive, I have been working there almost a year, been transfered an hour away still am not getting any hours and I still work there. If thats not dedication, I dont know what is. He then promised to try to see where he can fit me in for more hours, but he was over budget and wasnt sure how soon it would happen. I then went in on my day off to speak to him, and low and behold, he had someone from (a diff station) working on a station I had been trained and certified to do. I seriously dont know what to do anymore. and my main question is (but feel free to advise on any and all aspects of this situation)

    Are there a certain amount of hours I have to be given if the company itself still has my status as full time?

    And if so, can I file for lost wages?

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    The short answer No and maybe.

    Call your local DOL and ask them if such a severe reduction from FT work qualifies you for at least partial unemployment.

    You are free to find work elsewhere anytime you want to. In your present situation it appears to be your better option.


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      No, FT is whatever the company deems it to be and they may reduce your hours if they have someone else that can work faster and more effectively.
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