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Drive Time vs. Travel Time Florida

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    Originally posted by dpmac99 View Post
    The example I have from them is "when the work week totals more than 40hrs and there is NO travel time, OT are paid at 1.5 times your rate. When the work week totals more than 40 AND includes travel time hours, then a special calculation is made to blend the OT hours with the special travel hours. The Wage & Hour Board has provided the formula that we use." They give a math example of a worker that makes $13.00 WORKING, $10.00/hr DRIVING and $5.50 RIDING he had a total of 50 hrs (41 work 6 drive, 3 ride. His gross pay ended up to be $670.45 In the example they are "blending" the $13, $10 and $5.50 to come out to what they refer to as the blended average pay rate for the week ($12.19 in this case with $6.10 being the OT add-on factor.

    Does this look right to you? I know from experience trying to get the same answer twice from Wage & Hour for FL is a crapshoot at best. I always call back to get verifiction and ALWAYS ask for a Supervisor and ALWAYS get different answers to my questions. Thanks for your help.

    The calculations are accurate. It should be like this;
    Take your rate x hrs for each individual rate, straight time only;
    $13 x 41 =$533
    $10 x 6 = $60
    $5.5 x3 =$16.5
    Straight time pay =$609.50 ÷ 50 hrs (total hrs worked) = $12.19 ÷ 2 = $6.10 regular or blended rate x 10 overtime hrs = $61 overtime pay + $609.50 = $670.50

    And it appears the information you got form Wage Hour in FL is also correct.

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