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Unemployment-PA or NJ? New Jersey

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  • Unemployment-PA or NJ? New Jersey

    I have been working for a CA based co. since 12/1/06. I live in PA, but the actual job location is in NJ.

    The company has been taking out PA state tax(its a reciprocal state with NJ) and also PA unemployment. I just read on the internet that you should collect unemployment in the state you work/not the state you live.

    With a layoff looming, does anyone have any insight on this? Can this be rectified?

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    I agree that NJ-SUI should have been reported, not PA-SUI. I agree that the employer should fix their mistake. Past that, if you become unemployed, file the claim in NJ. The states talk to each other. Employer's make this type of mistake a lot, and if you are otherwise eligible for UI, you will get it. There will probably be a delay, but short of a court order telling the employer to fix things, I can think of no action you can take other then filing for UI (if/when the time happens) and telling NJ the truth.

    I know zip about NJ, but if I were you I would bring copies of my W2s and at least one pay stub when I filed.
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      Just to confirm, my boyfriend and I live in PA and work in NJ.
      When he was laid off (a company closed) he collected unemployment through NJ.


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