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Offer Letter Question Tennessee

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  • Offer Letter Question Tennessee

    I recently voluntarily terminated my employment with my employer. When I started with this company in October 2006, I signed an offer letter that stated, "you will be eligible for a pro-rated performance and/or merit review in 2007". This was also signed by the HR Manager. When I went to the HR Manager to see when this would take place, she advised it was a mistake in the offer letter and I would receive the merit review in 2008. I asked her about this on six different occasions and at one time she stated, "Look what we are paying you already". Each time I went to her, she would always tell me no. I had another offer on the table at the time, but the performance and/or merit review was my deciding factor to go with this company. Since I was in a position of trust with the company, they decided to pay me in leiu of notice for 2 weeks. As I was walking out the door, she advised me that they would retro my pay for the merit review I was supposed to have received. Since the HR Manager was my immediate supervisor, I stated in my exit interview that she needed more training to do her job, as she has no college or extensive HR Knowledge. She violated laws on a daily basis and even told me not to give someone a job, because they were a relative of someone who was pro-union. Luckily, he decided not to interview, because I couldn't base my decision on that alone. This was another reason I chose to quit, because my morals and ethics were challenged on a daily basis. I had to ask for a day off in December to be with my father who was having surgery. She only granted me 2 hours to do this. My mother was having surgery in April and I wanted to be there for her surgery too. She called my family hypochondriacs and told me she needed to verify that my parents were even alive. I put up with this for six months and couldn't take anymore. Do I have any legal recourse? Thanks!

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    Thanks for your help. It amazes me that this company would hire an HR Professional with no experience. And to think, this HR Manager uses credit cards as ID for an I9 form. Oh well.......


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