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Unable to work, blacklisted North Carolina

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  • Unable to work, blacklisted North Carolina

    I am an ex-(deleted) now contracting software engineer. I was laid off in 1994 and some 3-4 years later developed some bad blood with the only main contract company (deleted) uses. Other companies wanting to vend people to (deleted) must go third party through this contract company so I am also suspicious that favors back pedal through the system. I'll just be blunt and call it a blacklist which has been fairly hurtful to me in getting many jobs I would normally be a prime candidate. Obviously now it is greater than 10 years and my name on that list is still bluntly acknowledged by that company.

    The thing that got me listed was a contract which I initially continually declined when approached by the recruiter. It is hard to accurately describe what it feels like to be hunted by these people in this manner when you are doing everything in your power to search a job that matches you well. I eventually caved and investigated the offer. Every step of the way I was somewhat apprehensive. I showed up at this (deleted) contract on a Monday and was not led to a work area till Thursday. By that time I was quite worked up and had contacted the contract company stating that this position just would not work out. Just suffice to say there were more factors than just their ignorance of my existence.

    Since that time I have contracted at other large companies and most recently (deleted) Poughkeepsie, NY using that same contract company that will not vend me back home in North Carolina. I have lived in Raleigh for almost 20 years and wish to go home, this short job in NY was never intended to be permanent. Now again I am plagued by this invisible net that keeps me out. Seemingly perfect matches will next day be bluntly rejected saying the jobs no longer exist. Several times that contract company has said they have me on a list stating that I quit a job on the first day and they can't do anything for me. The recruiter from 10 years ago has now moved up the ladder to a high ranking position.

    I am very good at what I do and one would think in a time when they say we don't have enough qualified individuals for tech jobs this would be an absurdity. Can anyone give advice here or should I just retire?

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