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i have a question for the most hours you can work in pennsylavania Pennsylvania

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  • i have a question for the most hours you can work in pennsylavania Pennsylvania

    i over heard my production manager talking about 3rd shift working 2 shifts within a 24 hour period (actually its not even 10 or 12 hours). the way its going to work is 3rd shift will come in at 6am-2pm monday then they want us to come back in at 11pm that night and work to 7am tuesday mourning, but 1st and 2nd shift will be working their regular shifts........ is this legal. thank you for your help.
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    Aside from some industiies (airlines and interstate truckers come to mind), there are pratically no limits on the number of hours your employer can require you to work.

    It is not a good practice to work employees to death, but that does not mean states should pass laws to require employers to adopt sensible policies.
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      I would say that it is NOT illegal with one caveat.

      The Occupational Safety and Health Act does have a general duty clause. In English, it means that an employer is required to protect you from RECOGNIZED hazards. If a high degree of attention to detail is required to protect your safety on the job, and a lack of sleep would compromise that, that could be construed as a safety hazard. For example, if you are working with high-voltage equipment, sleep deprivation could cause life-threatening errors. Or, if you work in a metal fab shop, and the brake presses pose an amputation hazard from a simple error that could have been reasonable avoided with adequate rest.

      Let me also add that if all that they are asking you to do is one turnaround, and they are giving you a 9 hour rest break in between, don't expect any sympathy from OSHA. Having a few years in manufacturing, what they are asking of you is VERY REASONABLE in terms of lenght of shift, time of restbreaks, and the start of the turnaround itself.


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