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Moonlighting on top of salary? Michigan

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  • Moonlighting on top of salary? Michigan

    I am employed as a nurse practitioner for a hospital, and my employer is thinking about hiring moonlighters to help cover hours. My fellow practitioners and I are all salaried. We would love to moonlight and could easily cover the hours, but HR says we can't because they can't pay us hourly for doing the same job that we receive salary for. Does that sound right?

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    Yes. It is common for employers to disallow an employee who is exempt to also work in a position that is paid as nonexempt.
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      You (the OP) are talking about Salaried and Hourly, which are just payment basis methods. The real issue is Exempt and Non-Exempt.

      Under federal law (FLSA) the Exempt status is a function of all hours worked. By letting an employee work both Exempt and Non-Exempt duties, the employer risks losing the Exempt status for all hours worked. This is why many employers refuse to let one worker handle both Exempt and Non-Exempt jobs.
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