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Coworkers reviewing time sheets on regular basis

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  • Coworkers reviewing time sheets on regular basis

    Due to the nature of the work I and my fellow coworkers at a hospital do, we are unable to leave the work area for lunches and breaks. That is acknowledged by administration and we are compensated. Since we are the only department which runs this way we must maintain a time sheet within the department (in addition to swiping in & out) that shows if we wish to use Paid Time Off or whether we wish to use Time Taken Off (used if our patients do not show or cancel-we accumulate PTO hrs to our normal clock out time for any unused portion of our shift). Since everyones time sheet is on the same clip board, our information is available for everyone to see. One co-worker has made issues about others overtime or others comments that are noted to substantiate their overtime.
    MY QUESTION IS: Is there a labor law violation here? Any suggestions appreciated.

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    I don't see any violation of law.

    It wouldn't hurt you, however, to have a conversation with your supervisor as to how you really don't appreciate how this jerk is questioning you. Your supervisor doesn't question your integrity, and neither should he. If he has a question about your integrity, he needs to bring it to someone's attention in an appropriate manner. I would first speak with my supervisor, and let them know what is going on. I would also ask permission to deal with him myself, so that the next time he starts his little games you can very nicely and politely tell him that you have already spoken with your supervisor about it, and any further questions should be directed there. In other words, he is behaving this way because someone is/has engaged him in the conversation. Just shut him down.


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      Thanks for the suggestion. Have talked with the manager and currently keeping my time sheet with me instead of in the department.


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        It is perfectly legal to keep the timesheets centralized, and for others to have access, however, if there are details like SSNs on the timesheets, then you may have some problems. You don't post your state but many have laws restricting the use of SSNs and even if yours doesn't, it is a good idea to keep this private.
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