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Unemployment benefits question - Help

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  • Unemployment benefits question - Help

    The company i work for in Minnesota that employs about 20 is being purchased in a few weeks be another company.

    (another mom and pop business being gobbled up)

    Some of the employees will be retained, some will not be retained and some are going to be offered full-time temporary work. I and a couple of my co-workers in my department fall into the latter, full-time temporary work. These temp positions could be as little as 30 days up to 180 days through the transition period and then if we "fit into" their scheme of things, we may be retained full-time permanent.

    My question is, if we accept these full-time temp positions and after the 30-180 days if we are released, can we then collect unemployment?

    There seem to be differing opinions on whether or not we can or cannot collect unemployment after accepting these temp positions. Anyone know, or can you point me in the right direction?

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    I may be missing something, but I don't see why you wouldn't be able to collect unemployment.

    You have a job, new people take over, they allow you to work temporarily, then they let you go when they don't need you anymore. If you're terminated, you're terminated. As long as you're not let go for gross misconduct, there should be no reason why they contest your unemployment.

    On a side note, sorry to hear about the buy-out. It's happening everywhere around me in southern MN, and it's really kind of sad.


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      That is what i thought too as far as being let go after the temp period, but you never know. There was talk about them having us sign some sort of paperwork that would not allow us to collect if we were terminated.

      I've never been through this sort of thing before and nether have any of the people in my department that are going to be offered full-time temp status.

      You know how gossip goes and some of us were getting worried about it.


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        A company cannot make you sign off on your unemployment compensation rights. The company does not decide who gets unemployment--the state does. The state would look at why you were terminated, and if you are terminated for the reasons you're giving us (only temporary work available), then you should get compensation.

        Again, short of any gross misconduct, you and your fellow workers shouldn't have a problem.


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          Thanks for the help!!!


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            No problem! Good luck with everything!!


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              The SOMETHING that they may be asking folks to sign COULD BE a severance agreement. It would be perfectly legal if they asked you to stay a predetermined amount of time in exchange for some severance amount, so that they have the guarantee that all of their full-time temps aren't going to start bailing on them for other permanent jobs.


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                make sure

                that you do not sign any paper that says you quit or self terminated. If you receive severence pay, you will be unable to collect UI untill the severence pay runs out at the rate you were earning.

                So if you severence is for 180 days, you couldn't get UI untill 194 days
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                  FYI, whether severance offsets UC is state specific.

                  It "something" you sign could be anything. I'd wait until it materializes before worrying about it too much. It may be a rumor. Not uncommon in these situations, but you have to take what you hear from anyone other than management with a grain of salt.
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