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Workplace Harrassment

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  • Workplace Harrassment

    I have been on my job for 11 months. After my six months reveiw I was able to apply for transfer within the company. I was told before hand, that if you ask for a transfer they would write you up. Well, when I put in my request for the transfer, I was WROTE UP TWICE. The Manager started to taunt me by saying quit, I know you want to quit. Repeatly in front of the HR Manger (who only drop her head).
    They have double my work load trying to make me quit. There is constant smart remarks and giggles when I come near the Managers and supervisor.
    I know this is not right. But when i was hired, I was not given a policy book. (I have ask personel if there is one and the reply was no but there one in the making). SO I don't know how to handle this.
    Is this workplace harrasment? Any help would be thankful. Could I sue my workplace for this.

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    Is it harassment? Yes. Is it illegal harassment? Maybe. Not all harassment is illegal. Harassment that is as a result of singling someone out because of their age (over 40), disability, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, gender or another status that is protected by federal, state or local law is illegal. (Some states have protect statuses beyond that provided by federal law.) Other types of illegal harassment include harassing someone because they filed a workers compensation claim or because they filed a complaint of harassment.

    Companies don't have to provide a policy manual, though it is recommended. Sometimes, employers hand out or verbally discuss policies, rather than hnad out a manual.

    Do you believe that discrimination exists? Also, you say you were counseled twice. What were the reasons for the counselings?
    Lillian Connell

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      1. Call in talk to supervisor to let her know i was going to be late and to use my sick time for the two hours. She has did many time before (before I ask for the transfer). She told the manager I did not call.

      2. It stated that I did not have on a safety gear.

      Is this worth trying to sue the company?


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        Two More Questions

        Do you feel that you are being singled out for discriminatory reasons (see previous posting for the types of illegal discrimination)? If so, what type of discrimination?
        Lillian Connell

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