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Mandatory meeting Kentucky

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  • Mandatory meeting Kentucky

    I was made to come to a mandatory meeting at my Resturarnt job where I am a server. I clocked in for the hour I was at the meeting. I just got my check and they paid me for the hour at $3.13 cause they told me that is my salary but I did not wait on tables for that hour cause I was not even suppost to work. Should I make them pay me mini wage for this hour?


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    Did you make enough in tips for the rest of the week to account for the difference? If so, it is legal.
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      Unfortunately for you, so long as your wages plus tips for the week are at or more than minimum wage, you have no legal recourse.
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        Hmm...not so fast....First of all can't tip credits against minimum wage only be for hours spent in a tipped occupation? Meetings are not tipped. And secondly: Mustn't said employee receieve at least $30 in tips monthly to have tips credited agains't minimum wage (not to say he/she doesn't)
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          Not necessarily. "Side work" when it is not the primary duty can be paid at the sub-minimum wage. However, I have to agree that a meeting would not fall under this exclusion.

          And yes, it must be at least $30 per month. That's not hard to meet, and we have to assume the OP did so.

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