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Am I liable if cashier drawer is short? Oklahoma Oklahoma

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  • Am I liable if cashier drawer is short? Oklahoma Oklahoma

    I work at a BBQ restaurant and my manager said that if the drawer is short that whoever was running the register on that shift would have it deducted from their next check we take turns from waiting tables to cashier.
    I have reason to believe that the manager is the only one taking money from the register and needs a scapegoat.
    Is this legal in my state of Oklahoma?
    Thank You.

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    Generally, employer may not deduct from employee pay for cash shortages, unless you have admit guilts for taken the cash, or have given written consent to have it deducted from your check. Also, you are not the sole person with access to the register.


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      Droopy, requiring a written authorization for deductions other than taxes and court-ordered amounts (such as garnishments) and levies, is state-specific. Oklahoma, however, does require such authorization. OP, see Question #11 here:

      Has he done it yet or just threatened to?
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        Written authorization is required in most states for withholding wages of any kind for any reason. But additionally most states have other check points on written authrizations for withholding like in my state of North Carolina which allows for an employee to withdraw the authorization and be given an opportunity to withdraw the authorization prior to any deduction. At the end I will copy and paste the statues but remember this a lot of companies rely upon employees ignorance of the laws to cheat employees out of their money.

        95-25.8 (a) (3) When the amount of the proposed deduction is not known and agreed upon in advance, the employer must have written authorization from the employee which (i) is signed on or before the payday(s) for the pay period(s) from which the deduction is to be made; and (ii) indicates the reason for the deduction. Prior to any deduction being made under this section, the employee must (i) receive advance written notice of the actual amount to be deducted; (ii) receive written notice of their right to withdraw the authorization; and (iii) be given a reasonable opportunity to withdraw the authorization in writing.

        13 NCAC 12.0304 (a) The employer shall furnish the employee an itemized statement indicating the amount of all deductions, diversions, payments or withholding of wages for each pay period in which deductions are made.

        13 NCAC 12.0305 © again states the employee’s right to withdraw their authorization of withholding and that the employer must provide the employee with said right if the withholding is for the convenience of the employer.


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          Of course, Bill quoted North Carolina law, which is irrelevant here. I posted a link to the Oklahoma law, which IS the one that applies to the OP.
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