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Do I Have A Case Agenst My Employer

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  • Do I Have A Case Agenst My Employer

    While at work I'm constantly talked down to and confronted about situations that are either about me that people say I do. After the person who has the problem says something to me they then go and tell the managment team. When the asst. manager calls me into the office she always has another co- worker there rather than another manager, she says it's discrimination reasons. anyway, while yelling at me and confronting me with these problems, I've tried to say things on my behalf, and she always says to me " don't say anything, you need to listen not talk" I told her that I felt that it was not fair because I couldn't justify my side of the situation or express my feeling on what was going on. SHe tells me I don't need to say anything about this to her and then asks the other co-worker "do you have anything to add" as though he is above me. When telling the store manager about the situation she just agrees and says she not going to let us pull her into the drama. I've also tried talking to our DM and she says that whether they are wrong or right she has to bacl them 100%. Can anyone give any info.

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    A Case

    You mentioned discrimination. Do you mean against you? Discrimination is illegal when it is based on age (over 40); disability; national origin, pregnancy status, race, religion or gender. In addition, some states have additional protections.

    If it isn't discrimination, why do you believe your supervisor is doing these things?
    Lillian Connell

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      Reply to do i have a case?

      My company has 2 discrimination cases pending in court now, I don't know if it is or isn't. I don't know why she picks me out of the bunch maybe it's a personality conflict. Anyhow I was curious if it is illegal to bring someone in the room other than management for a conference when the situation does not reguard them? Today she was also telling other employees what happened and how upset I got, is there any rights against that?


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        No, it isn't illegal to have someone else in the room. Nor is it illegal for her to talk about your situation with those who may have a need to know. However, if she is giving opinions, rather than facts, you may have a case of defamation. But, keep in mind that defamation cases are costly to pursue and difficult to prove.

        It doesn't sound like you have anything to sue your employer about. However, you can always file a complaint with the eeoc, if you feel strongly about it. They will look into the matter.

        Unfortunately, boorish behavior on the part of a manager or supervisor is not illegal. It is just distasteful.

        Let me know if you have any other questions.
        Lillian Connell

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