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Earned Vacation Tennessee

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  • Earned Vacation Tennessee

    I earn a certain amount of vacation time each year from my employer. I am a consultant and this year due to client needs i was unable to use all of my vacation time. I am allowed to carry over 40 hours each year but this year I had more hours than 40 unused. Do I have to lose this time and give it back to the company?

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    I took a quick look in the BNA Payroll Libary (a paid service) at TN vacation rules, and what I am finding does not help you.
    - If the employer has rules requiring vacation be paid at upon termination, then TN rules make those rules enforcable.
    - If the employer has vacation benefits, then TN has a rule that prohibits the employer from discriminating against employees on disability or maternity leave in regards to vacation.
    - There are also some rules relating to UI and vacation that I did not bother to read.

    Thats it. No rules that I can find discussing "use it or lose it" or "vesting". While thirty-something states have some type of vacation rules, many or most states do not have rules that any more favorable to the employee then TN. There are states like CA that have rules prohibbiting "use it or lose it" or that require "vesting" vacation benefits, but that is uncommon.
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