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Salary was docked without warning Kansas

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  • Salary was docked without warning Kansas

    My wife works for one of the public school districts in Topeka, KS. She gave birth on Oct. 9 and was permitted to go on unpaid leave until Jan. 3, when school started again after the break.

    Thursday was payday, and after working 60 hours we were expecting a paycheck. She didn't get one and when she contacted personnel to find out why, they said that since she gets paid in the summer, she'll have to "make up" the hours she missed.

    What do they mean by that? She was essentially told she'll have to work without a paycheck to make up the time she was off.

    I'm furious. This is completely unheard of. Our attempts to get the matter worked out on Friday was unsuccessful, so now we have to wait until Monday. We managed to scrape together enough money to get groceries this weekend, but we were really counting on that paycheck.

    I have no faith in her school's principal based on another problem we had while she was pregnant, which makes me doubt anything will get accomplished on Monday. Is there a governing body to which I can complain to get this resolved? I'm more than happy to work our way through the school district's chain of command to a certain point.

    But this can't drag out forever. We can't afford for her to commute every day for no pay (which isn't really that motivating, either) for three months.

    I appreciate any feedback about this.

    - Eric
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