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GA - Hourly Travel Questions

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  • GA - Hourly Travel Questions

    I work in the field and currently my main office is in another state. If anything my home is my office.
    Being salary we just do the job and we get paid mileage.

    I am looking at another job where they are hourly.
    They have a semi local office but, I do not really report there.
    We report to clients all over the state and out of state.

    I was looking for a rule on travel compensation or when the clock starts. With no normal office how is this calculated?
    Only start when i reach the job site? One day its a 2 hour drive another days its 2.5. what if its a 3-4 hour drive? With no real way to live closer to work IMO we should be compensated all travel.
    Right now travel is part of our day not outside it. We finish when the job is finished or when the facility closes for the day.

    I am also unclear on longer travel like flying. I read one site that said if your a passenger you do not get paid. Another said your traveling for work away from home its compensated, when you reach the airport.
    I'm not a clock watcher so I do not like punching in and out. But the OT seems nice.

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    I'm very, very rusty on travel compensation and it was never my strong point. I'll see if I can get a friend who knows it better to comment. In the meantime, this may get your started.
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