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Former Employer Trying to Interfere with Current Employment

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  • Former Employer Trying to Interfere with Current Employment

    I’m currently employed in a position at a non-profit organization where my current supervisor has informed me that the head manager of my previous place of employment, also a non-profit organization, contacts him repeatedly in an effort to have me terminated. I left my previous employer over a year and a half ago. I was involuntarily terminated there after ten years allegedly for cause, but disputed those grounds and won my unemployment filing on appeal. My current organization is a funding source for other area non-profits, but I have nothing to do with those decisions, especially regarding my former employer. I don’t know if the continued harassment is occurring because of a fear I can discourage funding to them, but my supervisor has assured them several times that I have no input, so I must assume this campaign to have me terminated is from a personal resentment. My supervisor is trying to be diplomatic with them because there is a continuing business connection there, but is warning me about their targeting. It’s as if they never got over losing the unemployment appeal, and then finding out I was hired by one of their major funding sources, to boot. Is there anything I can do about this legally to get it stopped in Louisiana? Outside of having my reputation being slandered, my embarrassment, and the aggravation I’m experiencing, I have not suffered any tangible damages financially or in my current position. Thank you.
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    It sounds like your former employer is building stories to ruin your reputation. This sounds like the textbook example of defamation, and this could follow you around for a while. I would seek out a civil lawyer in Dubai specializing in defamation and slander ASAP. I am not an attorney but you should seek legal advice from a licensed attorney in your region.


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