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My Last Thread -Members "Thank You" Illinois

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  • My Last Thread -Members "Thank You" Illinois

    Thank you to cbg, Pattymd and GotSmart for your feedback. I sometime wonder if even in writing I confuse my wording so others, like yourselves misunderstand or interpret my message in the way it was not meant?
    I'm realizing more how words can lead you down a road of distruction if not properly communicated to others. I know this is what got me Terminated. I was not referring to my new LaborLaw Talk friends when I stated Keeping your opinions and feelings to yourself. I was referring to How I will handle myself in an open forum meeting, to keep them to myself.
    "Better left unsaid, than to say anything at all". I did not intentionally, or would ever create hostility between people, especially my Supervisor. Even after her terminating me I can honestly state she was one of the most genuine people I knew and respected. I guess this is why I'm so distraught from this whole mess. I am eagerly awaiting my phone interview with IDES representative. I will explain the best I can what happened to lead to my termination, hopefully he will understand my communication of words and not categorize me as a Misconduct Case. Because of this time of year, with Christmas and all my bills to pay I have no other means of support at this time. I am seeking employment and hopefully, as soon as possible, I will find a job. But in the meantime all I do is worry.

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    Best of luck.

    You are extremely articulate. You should not have a problem finding a job. Just explain the dismissal as a mis-understanding in the corperate world. They happen all the time. The fact that you were there for a long period of time will be to your benifit. There is a shortage of qualified people that have your communication skills. Let us know of your success.



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