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Boss not paying for 5 weeks , HELP!! Florida

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  • Boss not paying for 5 weeks , HELP!! Florida

    My husband and I were hired as chefs in a small restaraunt . We havent been paid for 5 weeks and when we demanded our pay , he shut down the business and will not return our phone calls . Under florida law they supposedly do not have to adere to the federal law because they are a small business . It looks like we were just used as slave labor for the business , and they are going to get away with this .Meanwhile we are in the hole and have to find other work immediatly .No one seems to be able to help us , eventhough were are citizens , and they did not keep proper records of our employment , or pay us , they are getting away with it . Help if anyone can
    ----screwed in florida

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    It looks like you are going to have to file a civil suit. It is possible that this employer was not subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act because either they didn't have gross revenues over $500K or they conducted no business across state lines (interstate commerce). Problem is finding them. I recommend contacting an attorney to discuss your options.
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      Thank you for your quick reply ,

      While the truth of the matter is that they did not make 500k , but they did conduct some interstate business , as we have taken out of state credit cards in the restaruant . We know where the guy works , but have not attempted to contact him at work , as we though it would be considere harassment .
      Before we opend the business , the owner asked us as a personal favor to sign on the lease as a gaurnteer ( sorry about spelling ) so the landlord would allow him to open the business . When we asked for out paychecks on monday , they told us to wait until friday , when friday came , they told us they were coming and then never showed up . What is worse is that when we arrived to work on saturday , we found that they had changed the locks in the night and now will not answer our calls . Is this legal of them to do if we are on the lease ? THey also did not contact the plaza management before changing the locks . What kind of problem can this bring for us ? I know this is a sticky situation . We also have reason to belive that they have not reported us as new hires , or possibly even employees , which means they have not been keeping proper documents . On the friday that we closed the restaraunt (normal business hours) we made copies of all of our time cards and hours , but left the originals in the restaraunt . I also belive that they may have destroyed the time cards , but I have other written proof , by
      outside parties that we were working there . Thanks for whatever help


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        You should contact an attorney about the lack of pay or you could call the federal DOL and ask if you would fall under FLSA. Calling the DOL and filing a claim with them is free.

        If your name is on the lease, call the management company about the locks. That is their problem to deal with.
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