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Alabam employee leaves work now wants pay Alabama

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  • Alabam employee leaves work now wants pay Alabama

    Is this legal. I have to pay a guy vacation days, sick days?

    He quit and left the business in a stress, now he comes in with a sheet of paper to say these obsured requests.

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    Federal law does not require you to pay vacations at all and, even if you do, it does not require that you pay out any accrued, unused vacation. Ditto sick leave.

    Alabama's labor laws are pretty much non-existent, by comparison to most of the rest of the country. No minimum wage requirements, no separate agency to enforce human rights, not one word, so far as I could find, about vacation or sick leave. Not that I expected to find any.

    So far as I can tell, you owe this ex-employee absolutely nothing for vacation or sick time. (caveat -- if you have had a prior practice of paying such to employees that quit and are treating this one differently, be sure it is not for a reason that would be illegal, such as due to race, religion, ethnicity, etc.).
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      Employee left in Alabama

      No, never had this happen before with another employee. Have had this one walk out for the third time and since I am not hiring him back he threw this at the company.

      I would never do any race, religion, etc.

      In all farness I rehired him out of forgiving his attitude.

      We have done a lot for him. He had a stroke, we paid almost three weeks of work though he was not here. so what gives?

      Anyhow, thank you for your post.


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