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Attenance Policy Fairness South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah

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  • Attenance Policy Fairness South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah

    I work for a company with a documented attendance policy. Unfortunately the enforcment is based on personal descision.

    I have been told to give 2 of my employees a "Final Warning" due to their attendance issues. I pointed out to the Human Resources Director and my boss, the Plant Manager, that other employees in the same department and other departments are not being disciplined due to lack of documentation. Their supervisors are not keeping attendance resords.

    I have printed out employee time sheets and copied vacation cards with documented absences to show that it is not being enforced evenly.

    I have asked my boss about this issue many times and he says "they are working on it".

    I told him that I feel like I screwed my employees by keeping records and that if I hadn't there would not be an issue. His reply was "You probably did".

    Is there statute to help me get things back to an even playing feild. I do not want my employees punished for attendance when there are other employees with far worse attendance.

    Please help!

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    You could always ask if you could take on the project to train other bosses, on how to properly document attendance, and see that they do it correctly. It would certainly, in the long run, weed out the ones who are costing your company money from excessive absences and tardiness, and create a fair work place.


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      I appreciate your loyalty to your employees. Unfortunately, unless they are covered by a collective bargaining agreement which requires a certain progressive discipline policy, or they are being treated differently solely because of a protected characteristic under the law, such disparate treatment is not illegal. I wouldn't give up though. Why does the boss say these 2 employees should be written up for the same infraction for which other employees have not been?
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        I have no idea. I think he looks at it as an admission of fault if he says otherwise. I have been round and round with him. I think the comment he made the other day was just to gt under my skin.


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          While I'm not necessarily suggesting this is the case here (not enough information to say) it is sometimes APPROPRIATE for different employees to be treated differently.

          Example: Mary is in her second week of employment and has missed three days of work for "personal reasons she can't discuss".

          Jane is in her fourteen year of employment and has missed three days of work for the flu, which has been verified by the doctor.

          It would be appropriate to write up Mary for the absence, but not Jane, even though they each missed three days of work.

          This is a deliberately extreme example, but you get the idea.
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