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Wrongful sexual harassment Georgia

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  • Wrongful sexual harassment Georgia

    Being a team leader I tried to get an employee got written up for not consistently meeting production quota. Naturally I called the supervisor in charge, who also happen to be a woman, explained to her what the problem was then I left. After both of them talked, supervisor reports back that the employee couldn't perform because she is sick. Employee never said anything like that before she privately talked to the sup.

    While I was still talking to the sup, the employee comes and tells the sup that I was sexually harassing her. She claims that I got her number from her file in the company computer, which was later found that the file does not exist. Before sup could report this to the manager, she spread the allegation throughout the plant. She later wrote an email to HR without cc: or bcc: the manager or plant manager. After sending this email she immediately deleted it so I could not see it. The email was a total fabrication of facts.

    I have since produced my cell phone records to the company showing that the employee and I have been calling each other for a long time prior to this allegation. I highlighted the length of the calls, some of them are 20 or more minutes. I also explained in detail her daughter's birthday party which she invited me to. Also produced the receipts of the birthday presents I bought her daughter.

    The employee could not produce any evidence of sexual harassment, not even her cell phone records. The company is no longer investigating the case because they claim that there was a relationship between us, but not actually defining it. The relationship was strickly platonic. She cannot be fired nor was I but my reputation is gone. Any advice? Can I sue her and the sup for defamation?
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    In what way is your reputation gone? Do you have evidence that anyone believed the charge?

    I'm not being obstructionist; it matters to the answer to your question.
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      Almost everyone that I used to talk to before, is no longer talking to me. I applied for another position in another department, the manager over there told me he has my application and set up the interview in two days. Two days came and I have never heard from him since. Yesterday I put in my vacation for two weeks and the sup asked me if I was coming back to the company.


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        And do you have proof that any of this is related to the charge?

        Again, I'm not being combative; I'm trying to get the information I need in order to answer your question. Failing to schedule an interview in the time initially promised and asking about your vacation do not, in and of themselves, provide you with any kind of recourse, and a little detail of exactly what you mean by "no one is speaking to you" would not be amiss.
        The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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