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Tution Reimbursement Payback period Ohio

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  • Tution Reimbursement Payback period Ohio

    Below is what my company says about the payback period for tution reimbursement :

    The Company will be entitled to reimbursement of tuition, fees, etc. from an individual if their employment ceases prior to five years after completion of each individual course. By participating in this program, the employee automatically grants to the employer the right to recoup any reimbursement due the company by payroll withholdings from the employee's final pay check, severance pay and/or vacation pay.

    I take this to mean the only way they can recoup is through your final paycheck, vacation pay etc..

    What do you think?

    I have quit the company after 3 years 2 months. I never signed any contract for the tution reimb. The only form that we ever fill out is just to have the classes approved.

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    It doesn't state that is the ONLY remedy. Only that it is one remedy. You don't have to sign a official "contract". As long as you knew about the policy at the time you were reimbursed, the assumption is that you tacitly agreed.

    I don't mean this to sound as harsh as it might, but why should you think you don't have to abide by the policy? The employer doesn't have tuition reimbursement policies solely out of the goodness of their hearts. They expect a return on their investment.
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      re:tutuin reimb payback period

      I understand what you're saying the problem is I assumed the payback period was 1 year because that's what it says in the handbook, later I was told the five year standard was on the online version of standards. I emailed the HR manager and he thought it was a year, he thought the 5 years was old and the 1 year was new, he later told me that the five year was still in force.

      Also the fact that they don't even go by their own policy, they're not supposed to pay for a masters degree and they are now doing that.

      Now do you see why I'm confused?


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        I am confused. Are there two (2) different versions of the tuition reimbursement program? A written company handbook and an on-line company handbook?


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          Yes there are two versions. I didn't find out about the online version (5 years) util they had already reimbursed me for 4 quarters...

          When I asked for clarification I was told that the year was for technical classes and the five years is for degree programs. This was after HR had told me in an email that he thought the 5 years was the old version and now it was a year.


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            I'm with Patty; I don't see this as saying that this is the ONLY remedy; just that it is A remedy that you are agreeing to. I suspect that this is the remedy that will be applied unless alternate arrangements have already been agreed to, but that's just my guess.
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