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Injury Related to Work-won't pay bill!

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  • Injury Related to Work-won't pay bill!

    My boyfriend works as a forklift driver at a company here in Harrisburg, PA. He has to drive with his left hand while shifting and doing other things with his right hand. He has been working as a driver now for about a year.
    Just recently his left arm has been giving him MAJOR issue. Extreme pain, shaking like crazy, in which he loses sleep over. IB profen isn't helping his pain. Anyways, he went to the doctors and they told him he has tendonitis and it is caused by him driving his fork lift. So the doc said not to drive the forklift for 10 days and to come back, and if its not better he might even have to have surgery.
    So he went back to work, and tells the boss what happened and the boss told him that the company will not pay for his medical bill and that since he didn't fill out a incedent report that there is nothing the company can do. He told the boss "I didn't even know I had this until I went to the doctors, how would i have filled out that report before hand?"
    The boss is still saying that there is NOTHING he can do for my man and I'm pissed! As much as you do for a company when it comes down to it, they just truely DON'T CARE!
    My man is trying to get workmans compensation but doesn't really know how to go about doing this. I hate seeing him in so much pain. Can anyone help me on how he can get workmans comp?

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    Go to:|906|#2637

    for info concerning Pa workers comp and how to file.


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      You are awesome! Thank you so much for your help!!! It means so much!


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