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Weight Loss Chain meetings at work - being encouraged to join Nevada

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  • Weight Loss Chain meetings at work - being encouraged to join Nevada

    A national weight loss chain will host workplace (lunchtime) meetings at our company if we have a minimum of 10 people join. One of our VPs is going around encouraging people to "be part of the team" and join. I am one of the people she has targeted, and it is clear that she will be unhappy if I don't fork over the $200 and join.

    My husband feels this is wrong, especially given my history of eating disorders (I dropped out from the last round of meetings for this reason). I say, yes, unfair, but no more illegal than a manager asking you to buy Girl Scout cookies from his/her daughter. Plus, given the climate at our company (recent large layoffs, restructuring, outsourcing), it's worth the $200 to be seen as "part of the team," even if I drop out of the meetings.

    Legally, this is a non-issue, yes?

    Thank you!

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    You are correct.
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      Thank you.


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        Don't join if you don't want to. If the VP is unhappy, tough. It's not worth $200 to be "part of the team." (I also seriously doubt you'd be targeted for a RIF just because of this.)

        You are correct that this is not a legal issue.


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          Agreed. And if your boss does seem upset when you decline, you can always be open and honest with her about the reasons you aren't able to join. It might help to mitigate any issues she could have.


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            Just do the white lie - you are under a program from your doctor, and want to stick with that program and not participate in something that might be contrary to what your doctor is telling you to do.
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              Thank you, everyone -for the support in saying no, and for the script for my white lie.


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                For what it's worth, my employer rounded up enough people to hold on-site weight loss meetings by opening it up to all of the employers in our building, and not just our company. That may not be a solution for your employer, depending on its location, but it's worked well here.
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                  Unfortunately, we're in a residential area...that worked in for my former company, though.

         has been sent and responded to...I'm off the hook! Thanks again!


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                    I'm glad things worked out for you.
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