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CA SDI calculations & Vacation pay for teachers California California

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  • CA SDI calculations & Vacation pay for teachers California California

    For charter & independent schools in CA (that participate in SDI):
    1. How does one calculate the daily earnings for teachers on school year contract: If the teacher earns $38,000 for a 190 day school year, is the daily rate $200 or $146.15 (based on 52 weeks)
    2. For teachers who get 12 (or 24) paychecks a year either because they choose to or because the school by default, spreads the 10 month wages to 12 months: Is the pay for the two summer months considered by CA State EDD as Vacation pay or regular wages? The distinction is very important for SDI payment in case an employee is disabled during the summer months when the school is closed. If those payments are considered wages then the teacher is not eligible for any SDI benefit as there is no loss of wages. But then they are not working during those months so they are getting deferred earnings (sort of). Although schools do not call it vacation, it is in one sense vacation. Also the disabled employee is loosing the opportunity to work (elsewhere? or for summer programs) or enjoy vacation during the summer months.
    3. Can EDD contest how a school chooses to consider the pay during summer or are there any specific guidelines.

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    My first impulse upon reading your post was this: From your queries, it seems like the logical place to find the answers would be with the EDD. Have you contacted them? What did they say?

    I am not familiar with payroll for public school teachers, but if I were in your shoes, that would be the first thing I'd do.



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      I did call EDD & was very lucky to get an actual person on the line but got no clear answers...


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        Honestly if you did not get a clear answer, then you should have kept asking questions until you got a clear answer, as they are the only ones whose answer really matters.

        My guess is that they are considered wages.


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          I agree that this is something you are going to have to get your answers from the
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