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A Client refers a person to us, and I terminate them, can I advise the client?Arizona

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  • A Client refers a person to us, and I terminate them, can I advise the client?Arizona

    We have a client who had an employee that was looking for a 2nd job. We have worked with this client for years and have a good working relationship. The employee has been doing a good job since he has been working with us, so we have placed him on assignments that are solo. It was recently brought to my attention that for some undisclosed amount of time he would leave the worksite shortly after the supervisor had made his welfare check on him. The employee would falsify his reports stating that he was there the entire shift and depart sometimes hours before he was scheduled to be off. I notified the supervisor to keep an eye out for this activity, and it was confirmed that he was doing this. Now...I will be terminating him, but I feel that based on the good relationship we have with our client (the employee's other employer), I feel that they should be made aware of his shady behavior and lack of integrity, but I don't know if that would be legal for me to do...

    Would I be violating any laws if I informed our client of what his employee did here to be terminated and give them a heads up to observe his behavior while at his other job?

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    No, you would not. I'm not sure I'd necessarily "recommend" they "watch" him, but it's certainly not illegal to tell truth.

    Having said that, not sure what that would buy you, or maybe even them. He may be doing a fine job for them and just didn't know how to handle being on his own.
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      Just tell the truth. If you know something as a fact, say so. If you suspect something, make sure that you qualify your statement as something you think. You are not at risk for telling what you know, or even telling what you think, as long as any statement you make is factual and if necessary qualified. Example, you know the employee left early this one time. You think that this is repeated behavior.
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        It's not that I am looking to gain anything. We have a good working relationship with this client and he will hear about the termination. The employee may be a stellar employee at the Client's facility, but since they referred him to us, I think the right thing to do would be to make them aware of why we terminated him.

        Maybe it would help to mention that we are a Security company, so it's not like he left the fry cooker unattended, he abandoned his post sacrificing the safety and security of that client's property.


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          Ok. As the others noted, just tell the truth.
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